EDGE Value-driven Digital Transformation by Jim Highsmith

دسته بندی: تحول دیجیتال

To thrive in a world of digital disruption and continuous change, we must become agile. How are you becoming agile? I’ve spent the majority of my career leading and advising businesses on designing new operating and engagement models to drive digital transformation and achieve enterprise Agility through the adoption of fundamentally different ways of working, thinking, and being. How are you responding to and managing change in your environment? In my most recent executive role in corporate America, I served as a CIO and chief agilist for a Fortune 50 company in the fi nancial services industry. The adoption of agile’s core values in the software delivery processes at this $35 billion fi nancial services company led to enormous improvements in speed, quality, and productivity—faster, better, cheaper! Yet, several years into this transformation, we reached the edges of scalability and sustainability. It was only then that we began to ask questions: “What else must we transform to better deliver the capabilities our customers need when they need them? Is it possible that agile matters because it enables enterprise agility?”